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Item Name GE Price Amount Remaining Type
Torva platebody (fire)148,062,0291Buying
Paladin boots142,500,0001Selling
Pernix chaps (fire)280,000,0002Selling
Dragon pickaxe210,000,0003Selling
Malevolent energy196,9242,610Selling
Adamant platelegs (t)17,000,0002Selling
Gilded dragon pickaxe120,000,0003Selling
Basket of eggs150,000,0001Selling
Bandos tassets32,000,0006Selling
Bobble scarf10,000,0001Selling
Torag's platelegs3,588,62796Selling
Gilded dragon pickaxe100,000,0001Selling
Malevolent energy196,92430Selling
Off-hand drygore mace (Third Age)200,000,0001Selling
Basket of eggs150,000,0001Selling
Red h'ween mask200,000,0001Selling
Regen bracelet202,0002Selling
Third-age full helmet100,000,0001Selling